Eggs are one food that contains lots of vitamin Such as vitamins A, B, D, iron, calcium and many more. Eggs can be served for your breakfast menu. Besides make the CHEESY SCRAMBLED EGGS you can also make SCRAMBLED EGGS WITH MUSHROOM. Here’s the recipe. Ingredients: a. 1 tablespoon butter b. ½ fruit Bombay onion, […]

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In addition to protein source, eggs have a variety of nutrients suitable for the body, such as vitamins A, B, D, iron, calcium and many more. Eggs are also easy to prepared and mixed into the preferred breakfast menu. You can make CHEESY SCRAMBLED EGGS. Material: 1 egg 5 tablespoons of liquid milk 1 / […]

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Variation Of Cereal Menu

Cereal is a menu made ​​from various combinations of fresh fruits. Cereals are rich in fiber included in one of the best breakfast menu. Not just good for digestion and heart, whole grain cereal (Cereal intact) is also helpful to control hypertension. Those who would like breakfast cereals, cereal original flavor will make bored. Try […]

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Nutritious Breakfast Menu

Breakfast is very important to meet the nutritional needs of our bodies we are ready through the day full of activity. Here are some foods that are suitable for your breakfast. 1. Cereal and milk Cereal and milk are the breakfast of the most easy and quick to presented. Even so, the nutrients in it […]

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Rice cheese croquettes

Rice cheese croquettes recipes The main ingredients of this menu is rice and cheese, so it’s not only tasty but is guaranteed not to break when fried. Additional vegetables, milk and eggs make this snack filling and nutrient dense Material: – 1 tablespoon margarine – 2 tablespoons garlic, finely chopped – 2 tbsp plain flour […]

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