Benefits of Banana for Health

Bananas are a delicious save a lot of benefit to health. In general, the nutrients contained in each fruit ripe banana is 99 calories, 1.2 grams protein, 0.2 grams fat, 25.8 mg carbohydrate, 0.7 grams fiber, calcium 8 mg, 28 mg phosphorus, iron 0 , 5 mg, 44 RE vitamin A, 0.08 mg vitamin B, vitamin C 3 mg and 72 grams of water.

Here we list some bananas for health benefits.

Benefits to the Intestine and Stomach Illness
Banana milk mixed with liquid or inserted in a glass of milk, can serve as a remedy for intestinal diseases. Moreover, in this way are also recommended for patients with abdominal pain and colic to neutralize gastric acidity.

Benefits for Burns
Not only is it a useful fruit, but banana leaves can also be used for the treatment of burned skin in a way dipoles because the mixture of banana leaf ash plus coconut oil have an influence that can cool the skin and heal burns.

Benefits for Diabetes
Community Gorontalo North Sulawesi consider the type of banana or banana goroho typical local area, an additional or staple food for people who suffer from diabetes or diabetes mellitus. Way, bananas are not ripe goroho steamed and then mixed with grated young coconut.

Banana and Beauty
If you start to feel desperate because of acne that continues to emerge and it seems no longer any way can help, try a natural treatment with a banana. Banana pulp mixed with a little milk and honey then applied to the face on a regular basis every day for 30-40 minutes and wash with warm water then rinse with cold water or ice, repeated for 2 weeks can make your skin look clean shine and away from acne.

Bananas for breakfast
Breakfast with bananas help smooth digestion and the cardiovascular system, which protects a woman’s body from stress. With a routine to start the day by eating bananas can help reduce weight while not reducing food intake. You can try to make Banana Pancakes Strawberry Sauce for your breakfast.

With so many benefits begin to make a banana as a snack daily.

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