Broccoli stalks and Kiwi Leather Also Nutritious

Did you ever read the correct way to peel and eat vegetables and fruits so That nutritional value is not diminished?

Because many people still go around throwing part of a fruit or vegetable That They Deem important.

And unconsciously they throw some health benefits of vegetables or fruit, including:

  • Leather brown hairy kiwi fruit is full of fiber section.

You even get three times the amount of fiber and vitamin C supplements if you eat the fruit along with her skin.

  • Leather bitter orange, lemon and other citrus fruits have antioxidants that can help protect us from some types of cancer.

The Addition of some skin into the sauce or salad dressing Will Provide temporary benefits to the skin and disguise the sour taste.

  • Stalk of broccoli.

A chewy green stem was in fact having the same benefits as many vitamins and Nutrients from the flowers. Slice thinly and add to salads or soups.

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