Broccoli stalks and Kiwi Leather Also Nutritious

Did you ever read the correct way to peel and eat vegetables and fruits so That nutritional value is not diminished? Because many people still go around throwing part of a fruit or vegetable That They Deem important. And unconsciously they throw some health benefits of vegetables or fruit, including: Leather brown hairy kiwi fruit [...]

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Vegetables Prevent Aging with Spinach

Spinach, green leafy vegetables are rich in vitamins A, C and folic acid. Popeye’s favorite vegetable is also having powerful antioxidant effects. Therefore, spinach is classified into food to prevent the effects of aging. Spinach processed by boiling green oxalate levels will be reduced. But calcium levels rise. “Cooking the spinach not only gives us [...]

Mask Of Kiwi Fruit

Vitamin E contained in kiwi fruit more when compared with other fruits. It is therefore very suitable to be used as a mask of beauty treatments. In addition to natural, kiwi fruit is very nutritious to maintain health and freshness of the skin. Here are some recipes to make a mask of kiwi fruit: 1.Masker [...]

Quick Pregnant women due to Eat Kiwi Fruit

The results of an in-depth research in the field of the new health show, pregnancy in a woman can also be triggered by eating fruits; especially fruits contain high vitamin C levels. Thus, the fertility of a mother or a wife who supported the husband of healthy eating habits coupled with fruits containing high vitamin [...]

Some Benefits and Applications Honey for Beauty

Honey is not only delicious to eat. Sweet fluid produced by bees also has a million benefits to the beauty. Since the days of ancient Egypt, Queen Cleopatra has used a mixture of white milk and honey in a water bath. While Queen Anne of England using a mixture of honey and oil to make [...]

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