Nutritious Breakfast Menu

Breakfast is very important to meet the nutritional needs of our bodies we are ready through the day full of activity. Here are some foods that are suitable for your breakfast.

1. Cereal and milk
Cereal and milk are the breakfast of the most easy and quick to presented. Even so, the nutrients in it are very complete. Cereals have protein and fiber is very good for our bodies. Meanwhile, the milk contains a complete nutrition for your body needs every day.

2. Eggs
In addition to protein source, eggs have a variety of nutrients suitable for the body, such as vitamins A, B, D, iron, calcium and many more. Eggs are also easy to prepared and mixed into the preferred breakfast menu. You can cook hard-boiled eggs, scrambled eggs, cheese egg omelets, egg sandwiches and much more.

3. Wheat bread
Bread wheat has a higher fiber than regular bread, so it can withstand hunger longer. In addition, wheat bread also makes the digestive system more smoothly. You can create a variety of wheat bread sandwiches for breakfast.

4. Fruit juice
Fruit juices can also be a healthy breakfast menu. Especially if you combine it with milk and honey are rich in nutrients. In addition to delicious, fruit juice also practical.

Good luck!

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