Mask Of Kiwi Fruit

Vitamin E contained in kiwi fruit more when compared with other fruits. It is therefore very suitable to be used as a mask of beauty treatments. In addition to natural, kiwi fruit is very nutritious to maintain health and freshness of the skin.

Here are some recipes to make a mask of kiwi fruit:

1.Masker cleaners

prepare a kiwi fruit, blend until smooth then apply on the face. Let stand for 15 minutes then rinse.
Clean your face using a tonic or a face cream that you usually use. Savor this mask is to clean the skin and helps tighten the pores of the face are great.

2. Exfoliating dead skin mask

Kiwi fruit puree by blender, mixed with 5 strawberries and ½ cucumbers that have been peeled until smooth.
Then apply the mixture on the face and neck.
Apply gentle massage to help exfoliate.
Let stand about 5-10 minutes, and wash using warm water. The skin will feel fresh and free from dead skin.

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